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Kommerling USA offers a broad selection of foamed PVC sheets for indoor and outdoor applications. You can download each respective MSDS PVC data sheet within the Technical section for each product. These easy-to-work with PVC sheets, which can be shipped virtually anywhere in the USA upon order, include:

KOMATEX is a lightweight closed-cell, free foam, rigid PVC sheet. There are 12 PVC color sheets, along with black and white, all of which have a matte finish that help make KOMATEX tough and versatile enough for many of today's application. Learn more about KOMATEX

An integral skin-foam sheet made of rigid PVC according to the Celuka process, KOMACEL has characteristics, such as ease of fabrication, that make it appropriate for applications in a variety of industries, including advertising, construction, electrical, photographic and others. Learn more about KOMACEL

komacel plus
KOMACEL Plus is a Celuka sheet you can digitally print and use indoors and out, including in high humidity areas. Its semi-rough surface makes it ideal for laminating and painting and gives the finished product an "aged look." Learn more about KOMACEL Plus

komacel plus embossed
KOMACEL Plus Embossed is faux wood grain PVC sheet that outlasts real wood and won't be damaged by moisture, changing temperatures, UV radiation or insects. Learn more about KOMACEL Plus Embossed

KOMAALU is a PVC aluminum clad sheet that's ideal for outdoor applications, and will effectively display your message for at least 5 years. Learn more about KOMAALU

KOMADUR is a Type I PVC sheet that meets the most specific demands for the chemical, building and electrical engineering industries. It is easy-to-use, flame-retardant, and resistant to chemicals and corrosion in line with DIN 8061. Learn more about KOMADUR