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Flame Retardant & Resistant to Chemicals

KOMADURKOMADUR is a Type I PVC sheet that meets the most specific demands for the chemical, building and electrical engineering industries. From the point of view of users, KOMADUR PVC Type I is easy-to-use and offers a very high level of efficiency when fabricated.

KOMADUR is the result of intensive research and development work as well as more than 30 years’ experience in the extrusion of PVC sheets. During this period, the material has undergone continuous development and improvement and been adapted to suit the changing needs of the market. The result is a system of solid Type 1 PVC sheets that stand out, thanks to their homogeneous, smooth and glossy surface finish. They are flame-retardant, and resistant to chemicals and corrosion, in line with DIN 8061, as well as to most aggressive environments.

KOMADUR PVC Type I is exceedingly easy to work. It can be cut, sawed, turned, filed, drilled, planed, milled, ground, welded and screwed. It can also be formed in many ways, including stretch forming, thermoforming, vacuum forming, blow molding, bending, punching. KOMADUR comes in dark grey in 3 sizes (1/8” and ¼” 4 x 8 sheets; ½” 5 x 8 sheets), and in 3mm white.

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