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Komacel Plus

Tough and Versatile Plastic PVC Sheets

Komacel PlusJust what you've been asking for, a Celuka sheet you can digitally print. With a semi-rough surface, KOMACEL Plus is an expanded PVC sheet that's ideal for laminating and painting, and it gives the finished digital print an "aged look." KOMACEL Plus can be fabricated just like wood, using your current woodworking equipment, and it won't rot, cup, delaminate or be infected by insects. Use this lightweight, yet strong and durable PVC vinyl sheet for indoor and outdoor applications, including high humidity areas.

KOMACEL Plus plastic sheet PVC is not harmful to your health or the environment in its manufacture, processing, application and disposal. All products comply with all national and international regulations protecting health and environment. Our quality-control system is certified according to German Standard DIN ISO 9001.

Click here to download our MSDS PVC data sheet.

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