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KOMAALUKOMAALU aluminum clad sheets have film masking on both sides for added protection. The PVC aluminum sheets can be used indoors, and are really ideal for outdoors where they hold up to the harsh elements of nature much better than other substrates, offering up to a 5-year life.

KOMAALU skin is .025 mm thick, making it perfect for bending, cutting, shaping and drilling because it won't loose its integrity and, you can use the tools already in your shop to complete your projects. The aluminum PVC outer sheets are enameled baked and coated with polyester, resulting in a light, yet highly durable and rigid sheet. KOMAALU clad aluminum sheet are available in 2 mm 48 x 96 white/white; 3 mm 60 x 12 gloss white/matte white and 3 mm 48 x 96 white/black.

To learn more about KOMAALU please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

Click here to learn more about KomaAlu applications; or here for specifications, transport and storage, and working directions. Click here to view the Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf)